Digital Nail Art Painter Paints Toe Nails

Digital Nail Art Painter Paints Toe Nails

by: Robert Geoghegan

After developing the nail art machine to print fingernails, then the next logical question would be ‘how to print onto toe nails?’. At first you may think “aah this is easy, just put your foot in the machine instead of your hand”. No, is the answer to that thought as the foot is inherantly different to the hand. Many problems were thus encountered.
Sandra Dean of ‘Nail Art Study’ remarked “A truly amazing thing would be, if the machine could print onto toe nails”
So, after months of development, a special cradle was developed to hold the foot and the toes in order to keep the toe nails steady whilst printing. Adaption to the software was also required to compensate for the uneven nature of different toe nails. Although everyones foot is different, and the differences can be more dramatic than with hands, the special cradle compensates for the idiosyncrases and adapts.
Fashion now goes a step further, and the world of design and art is now available for your toes.
“This enables our machine to be even better than before, with a world beating design and the option of toe nail printing – superb” Robert Geoghegan director Digi Printers ltd, acclaimed
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About The Author

Robert Geoghegan
Operations director of Digi Printers ltd, based in the UK. An electrical engineer by trade, but happened upon nail art technology through his wifes beauty business. Now has an indepth knowledge of these types of machines.

This article was posted on September 11, 2005